In remembrance of me

“Do this in remembrance of me,”
       Jesus told his disciples during their
       final meal together.
To “remember” Jesus is not simply
      to experience fond memories
      and tender emotions:

Those were the days, were they not?
Let us toast their memory!

It is not simply to recollect the events
of that evening. This memorializing is
anamnesis, to recreate, reenact and
reanimate the drama of Jesus’ life:
       •to enter into his passion and
       •to love whom he loved and
              confront whom he confronted;
       •to be animated by the same vocation;
       •to be turned and churned, even
             spurned, in like manner;
       •to be similarly authorized—and
       •to be implicated in his mission
              and thus in his fate.

And to encounter first-hand the
resurrecting power that rolled
the stone from his tomb and
continues to overpower all
subsequent seals of death.

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