The Little Flock of Jesus

by Ken Sehested

For this, improbably, is the

Little Flock of Jesus empowered:

     To stand amidst the rule of the

          imperium, the markets of the

               emporium and the impunity

                    of their praetorian guards—

     each with global reach and

          aspirations, though none

               so imperative as the

                    implausible mercy of God

     ushering Christ’s impending Reign

beckoned by the Spirit’s impassioned,

     pillared cloud by day and clustered

          blaze by night, roaring wind,

     tongues of fire, imperiling every

thuggish design, every impulsive

     deceit, every impinging carnage.

How, indeed, shall we then live

     in this enduring season between


God’s Resurrection Moment, and


God’s Resurrection Movement?

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