What a great time to be alive

On the first anniversary of the January 6, 2021 assault on the US capitol

by Ken Sehested

We are not so much brave as desperate;

to hear a Word above the noise;

a Song beyond the clatter;

a Hope beyond the cheeriness;

a Faith beyond the infamy.

Our body politic is under assault from those possessed of fear gone feral;

whose rage has erupted, threatening carnage;

whose lies have become dogma;

whose hearts have been wrapped in concertina wire.

The verity of virtuous life is scorned;

the moralists embrace lewd vainglory;

empathy, consigned to the gallows;

mercy, judged as weakness.

Liberty has become a warrant for licentiousness;

freedom, a cover for insolence and ethical harlotry;

privilege, practiced as impunity and arrogance.

These things are on display as rarely before in public life.

These are the gaping tears in our national fabric.

Two things are abundantly clear:

We are, as a nation, in deep doo-doo; and

what a great time to be alive!

#  # #