Mother Teresa

The fruit of silence is prayer. The fruit of faith is love. The fruit of love is service.

Meister Eckhart

Even if a man were in rapture like St. Paul and knew of one who was in need of food he would do better by feeding that person than by remaining in ecstasy.

Walter Brueggemann

But we are his people. We have eaten at his table. We have heard his word. We are identified as the odd ones of the world, called to be at odds with the world, ordained to call into question the world’s way of doing business.

Mortimer Adler

When you say [something is] “impossible” you ought to say, “relative to my present state of ignorance it’s impossible.” — Mortimer Adler

John Shea

The joy of the resurrection seduces the miser in each of us into spend-thrift love.

Paul Ricoeur

If you want to change people’s obedience, you must change their imagination.

Henri Nouwen

The world is waiting for new saints, ecstatic men and women who are so deeply rooted in the love of God that they are free to imagine a new international order. . . . Most people despair that [it] is possible. They cling to old ways and prefer the security of their misery to the insecurity of their joy. But the few who dare to sing a new song of peace are the new St. Francises of our time, offering a glimpse of a new order that is being born out of the ruin of the old.

Kenneth Leech

In our age, we need more than almost anything else to restore the political dimensions of mystical vision and the visionary dimensions of political action. . . . The vision of God and the identification of oppression [go] together. Out of the sense of divine holiness and justice [come] a sense of the viciousness of injustice and sin. Knowledge of God [leads] to a deeper knowledge of human realities.

Thomas Kelly

Paradoxically, this total Instruction [God’s Spirit moving in our lives] proceeds in two opposing directions at once. We are torn loose from earthly attachments and ambitions. And we are quickened to a divine but painful concern for the world. He plucks the world out of our hearts, loosening the chains of attachment. And he hurls the world into our hearts, where we and He together carry it in infinitely tender love.