A Path Appears

by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

In some ways this book is an encyclopedia of non-profit organizations around the world. The information was collected by a husband wife team, who have written other significant books.  I was greatly moved by their book Half the Sky, which speaks to the oppression of women. This book is a book about hope.  The “path” referenced in the title is a path of hope.  The authors have identified hundreds of organizations who are doing humanitarian work around the globe and given us information about those organizations and what we can do to join them. Those organizations offer hope to millions of people—they are providing a “path” which we may follow or join.  The authors say, “Our efforts at altruism have a mixed record of success at helping others, but they have an almost perfect record of helping ourselves.  They can also be a way of asserting our values, or responding to pain or horror by reaffirming a higher standard of humanity.”

—Bernie Turner is a retired pastor living in McMinnville, OR.