Come what may

The Prophet Joel foretold the day when the young shall see visions and the old will dream dreams. And the writer of Hebrews implored, “Do not lose heart, for you are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses.”

Come what may, come what may: we long for a summons that calls us by name.

Be careful what you ask for—these dreams and visions could get you in trouble.

Come what may, come what may: regardless the fortune, no matter the fame.

The saints of the ages are gathered in this room—a cloud of witnesses who testify that the promised future is more than the sum of the past.

Come what may, come what may: joy endures, the dream is not vain.

Even if they say you’ve lost your head? You’re out of your mind?

Come what may, come what may, let this news reach the shamed. May hearts be untamed; the earth freed, reclaimed. May this haven of faith be sustained, be sustained. World without end, unchained, unchained.

©Ken Sehested @ Inspired by Hebrews 12.