A note from Gerald, on investing in prayer&politiks

We interrupt the weekly "Signs of the Times" posting schedule for an important note
from Gerald,
guardian angel of prayer&politiks and scribe for the
heavenly host’s synod overseeing this site’s vision and mission.

I hope (after you read this note) you’ll listen to Ken Sehested’s granddaughter reading The Beatitudes on All Saints Day.

There’s more to this request than grandfatherly pride—or even the sheer cuteness of an articulate, confident seven-year old reading Scripture in public.

Both of these things are surely true. But there’s substance, beyond the sentiment, at stake in the reading.

How do we experience, perform, and articulate our faith in a way that insists on the content of the Sermon on the Mount? As opposed to marginalizing its guiding purpose. (e.g., The Apostle’s Creed covers Jesus’ life and teaching with a comma: “. . . born—comma—suffered . . . crucified . . . rose again. . . .”)

How do we yoke intelligence with passion and wisdom to advance clarity? How can the dance between prayer and politiks—spiritual formation and prophetic action—be orchestrated by beauty and truth, which is to say, the Holy Spirit, in meaningful ways in a world tilted toward disfiguring deceit?

Is prayer&politiks valuable? And viable?

My first annual report (“Good news from Gerald”) revealed that expenses and contributions matched almost to the dollar for our first 12 months of publishing. But it also notes that a modest wage needs to be raised in order to sustain the work.

The goal is 300 readers contributing an average of $1 per week, in exchange for the weekly “Signs of the Times” column and a wide range of other original material.

No doubt you have a nearly endless array of reading options to fill the spare amount of available time. Choosing is itself a challenge. Among the criteria you use are questions like these:

What helps winnow the news, weigh the signs, and awaken faith to the evidence of power not yet seen?

If prayer&politiks qualifies, let us know.


P.S. We’d like to send an autographed free copy of In the Land of the Living: prayers personal and public, Ken’s first book of litanies written for use in his congregation, to everyone who contributes $52 or more between now and the end of the year. (You could designate someone else as the book’s recipient.)

You can contribute electronically through the prayer&politiks “donate” button or by check to prayer&politiks, c/o 358 brevard rd, asheville nc 28806.

Now, listen for the Word in Sydney's reading.